Streaming Access to Thousands of Basemaps

MapVault is a subscription-based service providing access to 500,000+ georeferenced map sheets in over 1,000 authoritative map series—without the costs of procuring, storing and digitizing physical maps.

Explore the World With MapVault

All scales. All languages. All countries.

MapVault delivers quick and easy access to the world’s map series and features topographic, nautical, aeronautical, and geological map series from all over the world.  MapVault has it all!

Map Data Anytime, Anywhere

Easily Integrated into GIS Software

Access the MapVault catalog over the internet or through any WMTS connection, or download layer files formatted specifically for ArcGIS Desktop, QGIS, Global Mapper or other open-source GIS packages.

Enhance Your Work With Reliable, Authoritative Data

Ready-to-Use Map Tilesets

GIS and non-GIS specialists alike can use MapVault tilesets to enhance their research, presentations, and publications with striking visuals that also add explanatory value.

MapVault Title List

March 2020 Tilesets


Users can access MapVault over the internet through a URL ( or a WMTS connection.  Individual map series can be accessed through the MapVault platform or via an ESRI Layer File or QGIS Layer File.

New maps are uploaded to MapVault on a regular basis. If new content is added to the package(s) to which you subscribe, you will have access to this content without any additional cost.

Yes!  Let us know what you need on the platform—we may already have it available or in production.  And if not, we have a solution to rapidly make it available to you.

Yes!  Tiled data sets can be rather large and numerous such sets quickly leads to storage requirements of many terabytes. But if your organization requires this for preservation or security reasons, we can help you.

Yes!  An ISO record is available for every map series to download in XML format.  In general, sheet publication dates, sheet names and sheet numbers are available for all individual map sheets in an on-screen, realtime mode by enabling the “Show Sheets” feature.

Each map series has a permanent URL and is accompanied by an MLA and APA citation, allowing users to quickly and accurately cite MapVault data.

MapVault Resources:

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